5 Team Building Ideas to Try in Chicago

In a team-oriented environment, every member is key to the organization’s success. Team building activities can promote not only better communication within the team but create a sense of belonging within each member which in turn results in increased efficiency and productivity. There is virtually an unlimited number of ways you can boost your team’s morale and engagement through team building.

  1. The easiest and perhaps most straightforward way is by providing them with mandatory breaks, during which your employees can socialize with each other and brainstorm together.
  2. Organizing office retreats is another great way to reward your employees while also strengthening their interpersonal skills and improving communication.
  3. Of course, you don’t need to actually take your team outside the office to make them bond. Inter-office competitions are a great way to stimulate healthy competition and some friendly rivalry can do wonders for morale.
  4. Workshops can also be a way to bring your team members together and promote a sense of belonging – Chicago’s improvisation spot, Second City, offers both off and on-site workshops to teach the craft of comedy. Or, if your team enjoys being active and appreciates a good brain teaser every now and then, consider booking a scavenger hunt.
  5. Last but not least, the best way to engage your team and make them feel like a part of something bigger is by actually involving them in a larger cause. Volunteering at the local soup kitchen or animal shelter is another way to boost team’s morale and engagement, and also contributes to a greater sense of belonging – both to your company and your community.