About Us

Team Building Chicago is a free resource for company team building and other corporate events. Featuring summaries, recommendations and tips for the best experiences in the Chicago area. There is a blog completely devoted to team building tips, ideas and related jobs.

The array of team building activities in Chicago is so vast, that it can sometimes be overwhelming. On Team Building Chicago we have collected a diverse selection of activities that might be a good fit for you company or group. That way you don’t have to get lost in doing research. From escape rooms to museum tours, we’ve included some awesome adventures your team will love. With so much variety, there is something for everyone.

But why team building you ask? Well, investing in culture is critical to keeping your team happy and cohesive. And those aren’t the only reasons! Because we have access to so much collaborative technology and tools, the face to face interaction with co-workers can sometimes be low. Team building helps teams reach their full potential by encouraging critical thinking, teamwork and creativity.

Investing in team building is a win for both your company and your teams. You’ll see happier teams that are interested the growth of the company and their professional development. Depending on the type of activity you choose, your team will solve problems together, create together, or even play games together. This type of team bonding helps to encourage better communication and often times real friendships between co-workers.  If you are looking to spark ideas, build some trust, and help your team decompress, team building is for you!

As a hub for business, creativity and culture, Chicago is full of hardworking companies and professionals. Everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle sometimes, which is where team building comes in. Set your whole company up for success by remembering to interject team building activities (not just big ones) into your company culture.

Good luck planning and don’t forget to bookmark the site!