5 Team Building Books For Building Successful Teams

Creating an amazing team is very important to the success of your business. If you are struggling to promote an open company culture or if you simply want to improve the way your team works, these books will help. We’ve selected 5 books that will help you find out more about your business and help those struggling with team management and team building.

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3 Reasons Why Team Bonding is a Good Investment

Team bonding activities might sound overrated to you, but in thinking this way, you might be missing out on an amazing opportunity to grow your business and do something amazing to improve your company culture. After all, it is easy to forget that your business is primarily made of people. You probably interact with most of these people on a daily basis, and building a personal relationship, or even a friendship is very important to increase the productivity of your business.

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Windy City Fieldhouse

One of the largest team building outfits in the Midwest, Windy City Fieldhouse is a location for high energy team bonding activities. You can check out the list on our front page for other team building events in Chicago. WCF has a variety of team building options, there are too many to list! Here are a few: Ice Sculpture Challenge, New Hire/Intern Training and the Mousetrap Race Car Challenge. The cool thing is that the WFC is very accommodating. They can customize your activity and experience to match your company culture and its team building goals.

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3 Reasons Team Building Makes Happy Employees

Some managers and leaders still think that discipline and strict rules are the best way to foster productivity. On the other hand, is safe to say that genuine, strong team building has been proven time and time again to work wonders on the success and health of a business. Take a look at Google, for example. The company thrives, not only because of their great idea and revolutionary products, but also because they are an exemplary, pioneering business when it comes to highlighting the importance of team building.

So why is team building so important? Here are 3 reasons!

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5 Quotes to Inspire Team Building

The best way to build a strong business is to first build a strong team. Your company is only as good as the components putting it together. That’s why team building itself remains such an important aspect of what businesses actually do. It’s not enough to simply hire people and train them. Instead, training them to work together for a greater purpose is the key.

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3 Cool Co-Working Spaces in Chicago

Freelancers, independent professionals and small, creative entrepreneurs are increasingly working on their own terms. If you are like them, you know that the days of the grey, gloomy office are long gone! On the other hand, working from home or a coffee shop might not always be the best idea. Sometimes, a co-working space is a great idea to get things done in a pleasant environment that could aid to your productivity and efficiency. Another advantage is the possibility to connect and network with like-minded professionals who also share the same co-working space. Here are some of our favorite spots in Chicago!

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5 Team Building Ideas to Try in Chicago

In a team-oriented environment, every member is key to the organization’s success. Team building activities can promote not only better communication within the team but create a sense of belonging within each member which in turn results in increased efficiency and productivity. There is virtually an unlimited number of ways you can boost your team’s morale and engagement through team building.

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3 Team Building Activities Perfect for Startups

When dealing with a startup company, worker interaction can be low. People don’t know each other and it can be difficult to know the direction a company is going. Poor interaction and teamwork can lead to problems, so you need to start team building as soon as possible. Here are three activities perfect for any Chicago startup.

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