3 Reasons Team Building Makes Happy Employees

Some managers and leaders still think that discipline and strict rules are the best way to foster productivity. On the other hand, is safe to say that genuine, strong team building has been proven time and time again to work wonders on the success and health of a business. Take a look at Google, for example. The company thrives, not only because of their great idea and revolutionary products, but also because they are an exemplary, pioneering business when it comes to highlighting the importance of team building.

So why is team building so important? Here are 3 reasons!

  1. Creating a stronger bond with the brand / business: If your employees feel comfortable and love their jobs, their workplace and their team will become a second family. They will take it to heart to do their best and they will feel more connected to work towards common goals.

  2. Team building is also a great way to allow your team members to blow off some steam and no always be focused on their jobs or tasks. Even something as simple as an afterwork beer with colleagues can do wonders to help people get more connected.

  3. This might sound like a superficial reason, but branding and image is also a great benefit that comes with great team building. To cite Google as an example, the company’s team building practices are legendary and well-known throughout the industry. They don’t only make workers appreciate their job and increase productivity, but they also make the company look really really good…people always love a company that’s known for allowing more freedom and bonding time for their employees!