Outdoor Team Building Activities in Chicago

It’s time to get your team working together. Team building activities are a must, but what’s available in Chicago? Here are three must-try outdoor team building activities to get you started.

Second City What about getting together over improvisation? Second City isn’t just a great team bonding experience for your local team. It has the ability to stream worldwide, so you can involve members of your team outside of the city! There’s no excuse for people to miss it. Some of the workshops are off-site, too, allowing you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Trapeze School New York: This is one of the latest opportunities for team building brought to Chicago. Within a typical two hour class, your team will have professional trainers teaching the swinging and hanging tricks. There are other activities if your group is large enough, and catering is available to turn this into a longer day.

Parties That Cook: Who said team bonding events had to involve anything energetic? Some of your employees will want to keep both feet firmly on the ground and not be too active—some may not even be able to do some of the more energetic options. This is where Parties That Cook comes in. You get a tour of the working farm and then break into smaller groups to learn how to cook a four-course meal. Not only is this fun and great for team bonding, but you’ll have members leaving with new practical skills.

It’s time to find something a little different for your Chicago outdoor team building activities. The above three will be things that many of your employees have never done, and there is something for all abilities and interests. You can also check out the list on our front page. Which one will you try first?