Room Escape Adventures

As I was searching for team building activities in the Chicago area, I found Room Escape Adventures. The staff aims to give attendees an idea of what it would be like to compete on Fear Factor, Minute To Win It, Survivor, and The Amazing Race. For a team to beat this game, they must exhibit qualities that include patience, communication, and problem-solving.

Your choice for escape room: Trapped In A Room With A Zombie or Still Hungry (sequel to aforementioned zombie room). There is also non-escape room option, The Game Show Game Show, that is actually a live game show in Chicago.

When a team signs up, they are locked into a room for a 60-minute session. In that one hour period, they must work together to uncover clues, figure out puzzles, and unlock the door to escape. Once all the members of the team are joined together by this common goal, they have to commit to using all of their time and energy to it.

One Yelper shared the following review about this experience:

My awesome company arranged this Zombie Escape for my work team, and it was memorable, fun and creative teambuilding. When you arrive, you’ll put on a name tag and sign a waiver. Even though you know the names of everyone in your group (because they are friends/family/co-workers), I recommend that you write your real name on the nametag. Then, take part with a playful attitude. Let yourself be a part of the story. Everyone on my work team got into the spirit right away, and it made the experience even more fun.

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Find Room Escape Adventures:

Fine Arts Building
408 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605