3 Team Building Activities Perfect for Startups

When dealing with a startup company, worker interaction can be low. People don’t know each other and it can be difficult to know the direction a company is going. Poor interaction and teamwork can lead to problems, so you need to start team building as soon as possible. Here are three activities perfect for any Chicago startup.

Paint Ball: This has a mixture of both teamwork and leadership. There’s an element of fun, while being competitive and strategic. Workers can be split into teams (the number of will depend on the number of people that are there) and they need to work together to be the last ones left—or capture the flag, depending on what you opt for.

If you want to make this team bonding more indoor friendly, laserquest is a similar option. This one is in the dark, and great for those who want to feel like kids again.

Rafting: Depending on your team and budget size, this can be a great way to get people talking to each other. It’s also an aerobic workout, especially on white waters. Just make sure you have a guide for this! If you’ve got a stressful situation coming up or are in the middle of this one, rafting is a great way to let off some steam.

Scavenger Hunt: Nobody really likes pulling out the map and compass, but what about if you had technology to help you? You can make your way around a site with the GPS enabled, but using clues instead of actual coordinates. This is something you can personally set up, rather than spending a large budget you don’t have on team building activities.

Are you ready to get your team working together? Try the three above for your Chicago startup to improve teamwork and communication.