5 Team Building Books For Building Successful Teams

Creating an amazing team is very important to the success of your business. If you are struggling to promote an open company culture or if you simply want to improve the way your team works, these books will help. We’ve selected 5 books that will help you find out more about your business and help those struggling with team management and team building.

  1. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel H. Pink
    • This book has a very innovative and different approach to team building from author Daniel H. Pink, often looking at the future of business and how technology and new mindset are quickly changing the way businesses create amazing teams.
  2. Multipliers, Liz Wiseman
    • Multipliers is a great read that reveals many of the best practices to achieve a strong team, starting with the concept that doing a great job at setting things up means that further improvements along the way will happen more naturally and easily because they will happen within a well-established company culture
  3. Good To Great, Jim Collins
    • This insightful book teaches readers how to progressively transform their business, by improving productivity and progressively strengthen the bond between the team and the company culture as an identity.
  4. The Advantage, Patrick M. Lencioni
    • This book explores team building from a different angle, facing one of the most overlooked issues in the team building world. The premises of this book are very simple: a well-organized business is a key to building a better team. By making sure your business is a well-oiled machine on all fronts, it will be much easier to get your team and company culture together in perfect shape. To put it simply, if you are not busy fixing issues all the time, you will have the “advantage” of being able to focus on team building.
  5. Help the Helper, Kevin Pritchard
    • This particular book, as the title implies, features a really important concept that should be the basis of any modern team building strategy. The concept is simple: great teams aren’t just going to happen, but it all starts with a giving attitude from the upper lanes, aka, the management. This book shows how breaking apart the traditional hierarchy of authority, in favor of a more hands-on management approach, can make wonders for your business.